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"I enlisted Russo's help soon after rejoining work, following a year of maternity leave and discovering that the four flights of stairs to my desk, that were a breeze pre pregnancy, were now leaving me red faced (physically and metaphorically speaking!) Russo has been great in considering my needs and coming up with simple exercises that I can (in theory!) do at home to fit around looking after the baby. She's also good at keeping the sessions varied, is flexible with where and when we can meet and is always punctual. On top of that she is absolutely lovely and turned exercise from something I dreaded to something I actually look forward to." Farrah R

"Russo is lovely to boot and will not only seriously knock you into shape but actually make you laugh at the same time." Andrea L

“Russo is an excellent personal trainer. She is friendly and makes the session’s enjoyable yet hard work. She was the perfect PT to have post pregnancy to help me get back into shape and feel fit again. She also made it easy for me to fit PT workouts around my baby. I really appreciated having a female PT too.” Farzana

"I fully recommend Russo. She helped get me back into exercise and shape after my children, and as an added bonus often held my baby whilst encouraging me to do more! She really understood my body post pregnancy, assessed my abdominals and progressed my exercises accordingly, thank you." Alex

"Russo helped me return, in fact surpass, the level of fitness I had achieved prior to my pregnancy. She has a wonderful ability to interpret your goals and match them to your abilities and how you’re feeling. She knows how to encourage and inspire, without being overly pushy and makes every session enjoyable. I’m so glad to have met her and benefitted from noticeable results in both body and mind." Emily H

"I love Russo's sessions. She designs a different programme to fit with the weather. The outdoor sessions are brilliant as well as the indoor ones. I particularly enjoy the boxing part and the stretching of course! I heartily recommend her!" Maria S

"Russo's sessions are dynamic and innovative. She puts a lot of effort into designing routines that introduce new exercises every time and the range of equipment she uses is great. Russo has an upbeat and friendly personality that makes you feel at ease but motivated at the same time, so every hard working session is a lot of fun." Ana B

"I can hugely recommend Russo! I'm having training with her at the moment and she's a little ray of sunshine every week and keeps it fun and fresh every session. She's also got great knowledge to help with post baby belly and body. Which is well needed in my case. Great work Russo!" Corinne M


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